Recent testimonials from my patients:

Don ThompsonI turned to Dr. Padberg after modern Western medicine had failed me completely.  Side effects of prescribed medications had taken their toll and the medical system that prescribed them was unable to recognize that the prescriptions were causing more harm than good.  Some of the health issues that I’d struggled with for years were outside the scope of what my doctors were able to deal with to the point where I no longer even bothered to bring them up during office visits.

I had never considered acupuncture, but was attracted to Dr. Padberg’s practice partly because as a former family physician herself she seemed well equipped to bridge the gap from modern Western medicine to tried and true ancient Eastern practices.  The difference was readily evident on my first visit when in her calm and warm manner she asked about every aspect of my life that might have a bearing on my health and well-being.  Having a medical practitioner spend that much time and show that much keen interest was an entirely new experience for me.  It was clear that we would be working together on building health rather than just diagnosing and treating isolated symptoms.  It was also clear that there was nothing outside the realm of what we might explore in leading me back to health and wholeness.  And that’s exactly what we’ve done.  I find myself looking forward to my appointments and the warm reception that I know always awaits me.  Acupuncture with Dr. Padberg has become an integral part of keeping myself happy, whole, healthy and balanced.  I only wish I’d found my way to her door years earlier.

Don Thompson, March 21, 2012

Mary PetersonMy husband Bill and I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Dr. Susan Padberg for over 8 years. We have relied on Dr. Padberg’s expertise as a physician and acupuncturist to treat medical issues as well as proactively to maintain good health. She has provided treatments for chronic pain, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal issues as well as in preparation for surgeries and for healing after those surgeries. Dr. Padberg has a calming and reassuring manner and is upfront about what acupuncture can and cannot do for the particular condition.

We feel very comfortable recommending Dr. Padberg to others and have had positive feedback from each of those individuals. They share with us how thorough she is in learning about their medical condition(s) and what can be accomplished through acupuncture treatment(s). It is for these reasons that we recommend Dr. Padberg without reservation.

Mary Brintnall-Peterson and Bill Peterson, March 16, 2015

RebeccaSusan is the first person I consult when I am assessing a health care concern. She brings a wealth of eastern and western ideas to her work, and it helps to inform me in my health care choices. Her gentle and caring approach is often the best medicine, and the space is very inviting and peaceful. I see Susan live in the way that she encourages her clients, and finds joy in doing the things that feed her soul.

Rebecca, March 14, 2012

Maggie Delany

My life as a touring musician is often quite the roller coaster ride. Dr. Padburg’s approach to Acupuncture has become invaluable to my over all health and well being. What makes her practice unique are the qualities found and felt, not only in her finely honed listening and caring skills, but also her beautiful clinic, that emotes healing energy from the moment one enters. Her life’s passion is a gift to our community.

Maggie Delaney-Potthoff, March 13, 2015

Acupuncture with Susan Padberg has become a cornerstone in my health care. She brings a particularly elegant understanding of both Chinese and western medicine to the treatments and it invariably yields big results in my health and overall functioning.

Rosemary Zurlo-Cuva, March 5, 2012

I have successfully used acupuncture with Dr. Susan Padberg, for many health issues, over the past 8 years. We have addressed TMJ pain, neck and low back pain, gynecologic concerns, heartburn, various strain and sprains, as well as optimizing my physical and emotional well-being.

I have access to acupuncture which is partially covered by my insurance. But I have opted to continue treatments with Dr. Padberg because of the calm atmosphere and the attentive care to my individual and changing needs.

Being a Family Medicine MD myself, I appreciate her medical knowledge and the weaving together of different approaches (eastern and western, traditional and modern) to improving my personal health. I regularly recommend her to family, friends and patients.

Monica Vohmann, MD, 2013

Dale MitchellI have had regular (Japanese style) Acupuncture and electric acupuncture treatments since March 2005. When a problem is acute, I might have several treatments over a week or two. Typically I have treatments about every 3 weeks.

Dr. Padberg asks at the beginning of each treatment what health issues need to be treated and adjusts each treatment to my needs. Electric acupuncture is done with a TENS-like device, and is less frequently used – though it has helped with reducing pain or stimulating healing (a stubborn torn achilles injury). Chronic health issues like digestive problems, sinus congestion, soft tissue joint pain are helped or controlled effectively with regular treatments. Acupuncture has assisted in my recovery from some orthopedic injuries and surgeries, as well as helped my overall mood & sense of well-being.

My middle-aged body responds well to the extra boost that Acupuncture provides. A cut heals in half the normal time, an early sinus infection can be caught and prevented, and overall I experience fewer and less severe colds & flu.

Dr. Padberg is the only MD FAAMA practitioner with an active Acupuncture practice in this area that I know of. She practiced Family Medicine in Madison for about 10 yrs before starting her Acupuncture training and practice. I have a high degree of trust in her ability to listen to concerns and effectively use Acupuncture to complement western medicine.

Dale Mitchell, March 2, 2012

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